GDPR Policy

HotellĀ Lassalyckan follow the main principles of GDPR to process personal data

At Hotell Lassalyckan we care for your personal integrity and always strive for a high level of data protection. The personal data you submit to Hotell Lassalyckan via forms on the website is stored for information and marketing purposes, for example to answer requests,identify people who book rooms or to send out newsletters with relevant information and offers.


Processing of personal data

Hotell Lassalyckan only collects the information that we need about a person. The personal data is stored up to 18 months after the submitted form, and we never disclose information to third parties.Personal data is also saved during booking in order to be able to identify people who book rooms at Hotell Lassalyckan.


Consent and purpose

Hotell Lassalyckan has the consent to process someone’s personal data and we only use your personal information for the purposes of which they are intended.



You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at


Integrity and security

Hotell Lassalyckan will process your data with high data technology security to protect the privacy, integrity and access to personal data. We also have established procedures for how authorised personnel handle, and have access to, identifiable personal data.


In the event of an incident

In case of intrusion to our IT system, Hotell Lassalyckan has clear procedures for how we handle the incident.