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About Ulricehamn

Are you planning a visit to Ulricehamn and need some tips and ideas on things to do? Here we’ve gathered a range of activities, sights, entertainment and useful information about the town. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Ulricehamn is known for its genuine and picturesque town center right next to Åsunden. The lake has left its mark on the urban area with peace and quiet as well as fast-paced water activities. Our other hotel, Hotel Bogesund, is located just above the lake and on their terrace and in some of their rooms you can enjoy the lovely view of the water.


Lassalyckan – a unique facility with many things to do
Lassalyckan in Ulricehamn is southern Sweden’s first official Vasalopp-center in skiing, running and mountain biking. There you can learn more about technique, equipment and diet to get more out of your training.


Lassalyckan is a municipal facility with an outstanding location and with very good training opportunities all year round. There are trails and tracks both summer and winter. Ice rinks, indoor halls, fields for American football, boules and much more. In total there are about twenty sports in one place. There is also a shed for waxing skis, newly built dressing rooms with shower, sauna and heating cabin which is for everyone to enjoy. And as the name reveals, this is where our hotel, Hotel Lassalyckan, is located.


A vibrant town all year round
Ulricehamn is a vibrant town that thrives all year round. Here is space for relaxation and lovely moments. With the change of seasons, there is also a change in town. To be able to offer top quality in tracks and slopes during wintertime this far down south is for us a huge asset. In the summer you can golf, bike, hike, paddle and much more.


Ulricehamn Kallbadhus
The open-air swimming-bath, or Kallbadhuset, is just down the hill from our hotel and here you can take cold baths all year round. The current Kallbadhus was inaugurated in 2008 with the goal of being a place to meet and to like, where both young and old increase their health through water. The bathing facility has a women’s and men’s section with separate dressing rooms, showers and a sauna.


Biker- and hiker-friendly pathway
The old embankment, or pathway, was closed in 1991 and has since then been restored for various amusements. Here you can ride roller skis and inlines, walk or bike completely undisturbed from traffic whilst enjoying our beautiful nature. If you follow the embankment south then you have Lake Åsunden with you along the trail. In total you have 95 km of this unique pathway throughout Ulricehamn.


Ulricehamn is growing as an event town
Ulricehamn is on full speed all year round with many pleasant events. The city has become a main player for large international skiing competitions and although the town is small, events of various kinds increases. Our other hotel, Hotell Bogesund, contribute to this by arranging various events at Restaurang Sture, such as day parties, night clubs, standups, theme nights, DJs and gourmet evenings. Check out their calendar or Facebook in order not to miss out on anything!

Cozy smalltown shopping
The picturesque houses, the cobbled streets and the shops are all closeby. Well-known brands are mixed with stylish boutiques and cute shops. Through their know-how, their service and their pleasant personalities, the merchants make sure that you get what you are looking for. Many of the buildings along the pedestrian street originated in the early 18th and 19th centuries. The fact that the traditions of commerce in the countryside have been around since the Middle Ages makes it even more interesting, when old cultural environments are mixed with today’s clothes, food and interior design. Welcome to the cozy smalltown shopping!


Nature and the outdoors just around the corner
In Ulricehamn the nature is fantastic, there are many lakes and an exciting history. Simply perfect conditions for enjoying the outdoors! Here you will find several beautiful hiking trails for you to follow and discover your own adventure. Lush, wild and beautiful. Many of the trails take you to the most beautiful places, the finest swimming spots and other places of interest that you would otherwise miss.


Film environment
“When you fall in love with a place, you also fall in love with its people,” says filmmaker Colin Nutley. The people, the nature and the peaceful working environment makes him return time after time for each new film. The film Änglagård as well as the TV shows Saknad and Vilken Jävla Cirkus have all been made here in Ulricehamn.


Play and have fun!
Don’t miss our fantastic playground Ulricaparken down by Lake Åsunden’s northern beach! In the area there is an obstacle course, cable cars, a trampoline, water activities, slides and much more. There is something for everyone. There is also a bathing area with a jetty and a sandy beach.


Even more…
Would you like to know more about Ulricehamn and our surrounding areas, or find out more things to do when you visit us? Have a look at the website of Ulricehamn Tourist Information for more information and inspiration.